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Strapping Band

JMP Thailand to anticipate the growing demand of Strapping Band in Indonesia especially for customer at industrial area in Thailand .

JMP Thailand Strapping Band is very strong, not easily crack, flexible and very good to be used for any packaging purposes. Strapping band is widely used as a band for pallet, boxes or anything.

Supported by highly experienced and qualified engineering team. JMP Indonesia ensures customers to have high quality product and best services. As one of the leader in sector Strapping Band, JMP Indonesia was formed to anticipate the growing demand of application services in the Industry nowadays and in the future.

Our plastic strapping is a versatile and economic with excellent tenacity and recovery characteristics. It’s wide range of processing properties make it a superior choice for plastic strapping in all applications from light to heavy duty with an emphasis on economy.

Specifications :

Length : 1300 Meter
Width : 16 mm
Thickness : 0.9 mm
Weight : 10 kgs
Color : Yellow

  • Use in a variety of applications including general packaging, food industry, newspaper, corrugated boxes, cut paper, etc.
  • For light, medium and some heavy duty use.
  • Economical solution for all your packaging needs.

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