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Cargo Protection (en)


Cargo Protection Home A lashing is an arrangement of Rope wire or webbing with linking device used to secure and fasten two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner. Lashings are most commonly applied to timber poles, and are commonly associated with the cargo If you wish to purchase a new lashing belt system, check […]

Dunnage Bags

Cargo Protection Home protect your valuable freight against sliding, falling down or falling over. They ensure optimal transport security while shipping goods by train, ship or truck. Security during transport is even insured in case of the Dunnage Bags multiple use. The air-filled inner bag of our Dunnage Bags ensures density even under high pressure. […]

Security Seals

Cargo Protection Home JMP Security Seals provide a positive barrier to unauthorised entry or tampering and are impossible to open without destroying the seal or leaving visible damage. Security Seal comes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes suited for different purposes. They are designed with varying criteria including strength, ease of installation (and removal) and the […]

Desiccant for Container

Cargo Protection Home high moisture absorption container desiccant with gelling agent. JMP Absorbent sac 1000 active material is calcium chloride, which is aggressively absorb moisture from the air. JMP Absorbent sac 1000 start absorb moisture as soon as removed its sealed packaging bag, and then the absorbed water is directly bound into a solid gel […]

Strapping Band

Cargo Protection Home JMP Thailand to anticipate the growing demand of Strapping Band in Indonesia especially for customer at industrial area in Thailand . JMP Thailand Strapping Band is very strong, not easily crack, flexible and very good to be used for any packaging purposes. Strapping band is widely used as a band for pallet, boxes or […]

Composite Strapping

Cargo Protection Home JMP Polyester Corded Composite Straps are produced from high tenacity polyester yarns and polypropylene flakes joined by extrusion. It is called polyester corded composite strap due its composite structure. Due to its superior properties, composite strapping is preferred for heavy loads and loads carried under difficult conditions. Composite Straps also known as […]

Clay Desiccants

Cargo Protection Home Are you shipping goods across fluctuating climatic conditions? Then you need to consider protecting your goods from moisture damage with JMP’s Mineral Clay Unisorb Desiccants! UniSorb® is an affordable form of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of condensation. UniSorb’s® innovative design allows water vapor to enter the […]

Bulk Container Liners

Cargo Protection Home JMP Holdings is one of Australia’s top suppliers of ISO bulk container liners. Our clients across the nation enjoy the huge benefits of transporting free-flowing bulk materials by land and sea in polyethylene liners. JMP Bulk Container Liners protect products from contamination and the environment from product pollution. Products are kept secure, clean and […]