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Cargo Protection

Desiccant for Container

high moisture absorption container desiccant with gelling agent.

JMP Absorbent sac 1000 active material is calcium chloride, which is aggressively absorb moisture from the air.

JMP Absorbent sac 1000 start absorb moisture as soon as removed its sealed packaging bag, and then the absorbed water is directly bound into a solid gel so there is no liquid water is formed, this is to prevent leakage.

JMP Absorbent sac 1000 is easy to use. Just remove from its sealed packaging bag and hanging it on the hook within corrugated recess of shipping container side panels. The active material absorb from the surrounding air passing in through its breathable packaging material. JMP Absorbent gelling agent ensures absorbed moisture stays in the product.

JMP Absorbent sac 1000 effectively protects:

  • Agricultural products (coffee, tea, tobacco, nuts, cocoa, ginger, pepper, flour, rice, etc )
  • Wooden product (furniture, handicrafts, timber, etc)
  • Electrical products (cables, appliances, toys, etc)
  • Leather products (footwear, bags, etc)
  • Metal products (furniture, sheets, coils, spare part, machinery, etc)
  • Textiles (garments, fabric, etc)

JMP Absorbent quantity needed depend on various factors such as shipment time, climate condition during sea going shipment, air volume inside container, type of commodity, and type of packaging used.

Approximately quantity for some really dry cargo e.g. steel coil, spare part, house holds, textile needs 6 -8 units for 20ft and 8 -10 units for 40ft. For most of normal cargo needs 8 -10 units for 20ft  and  10 -12 units for 40fts. For some cargo which is very difficult of moisture properties on long voyage e.g. wooden furniture, agricultural products needs 10 -12 units for 20ft and 12 – 14 units for 40ft. Put 2 units in the space close to the container doors.

JMP Absorbent sac 1000 is one time useable products and disposable as normal regular waste.

The calcium chloride and gelling agent are non toxic and polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics are recyclable.

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