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Cargo Protection


A lashing is an arrangement of Rope wire or webbing with linking device used to secure and fasten two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner. Lashings are most commonly applied to timber poles, and are commonly associated with the cargo

If you wish to purchase a new lashing belt system, check the possibilities at JMP Indonesia. We provide lashing straps and other top of the line lashing and load containment equipment at competitive prices. A high-quality lashing belt system ensures the safety of both the cargo and personnel. We also sell other cargo securing equipment such as twistlocks, stackers and hoisting equipment.

The advantage of using Lashing , fast and safe to applyProtectiveShock absorbentPossibility of personalizationLight weightPortable.

JMP Thailand supplies all kinds of lifting equipments & accessories. The Cargo Lashing offered are offered are of guaranteed prime quality. Awaiting your positive reply in the form of an inquiry to enable us to submit our rates/terms. We hereby also assure you of our lowest rates, best quality materials and our prompt & personalized services.

Specification : Material Polyester


  • Capacity 3 Tons (Length 6 Meter, Width 35 mm, Polyester)
  • Capacity 5 Tons  (Length 10 Meter, Width 50 mm (2 inch), Polyester)

Choose Quality Lashing for your business from JMP Thailand. Don’t Hasitate to contact us for more information and get better deal!

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